25 years old man lost his life due to electrocution

Raheel’s wife gave birth to a baby boy shortly after her husband died.

Karachi, Pakistan/ Web Desk:

In recent years, Karachi has suffered from some of the worst weather conditions experienced in Pakistan. Severe rains have caused floods and roadblocks in the city. The streets are filled with water. The roads are deteriorating and authorities are not stepping in to take charge of the situation.

According to Pakistani Media, an incident of electrocution claimed the life of a young man in the Hussainabad area. The body of the deceased was found floating in the rainwater alongside his motorbike.

Police said the tragic incident took place when Raheel, a shopkeeper, was on his way to a hospital in Karimabad to visit his wife after finishing the day’s work at his shop. They said he was on a motorcycle when he was electrocuted in the Hussainabad Food Street within the limits of the Azizabad police station. Raheel’s wife gave birth to a baby boy shortly after her 25-year-old husband apparently died.

According to Azizabad SHO Farrukh Hashmi, it is yet to be ascertained whether the victim died of electrocution or he died after falling off the motorcycle. He said the management of the power supply company, K-Electric, was called after the accident; however, the management said the pole was not owned by the company but belonged to the town.

The grieving family said they would approach the police for the registration of a case after the funeral prayers and burial.

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