India continuously violates 4th Geneva Convention in Kashmir says Moazzam Khan.

Indian forces deliberately changes demographic structure of the region.

Muqeem Ahmed, UK,

A virtual parliamentary conference on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day was held in London, capital of United Kingdom. Conference organized by Jammu and Kashmir Khud-Iradiat movement International and the Youth Parliament of the Rifai Institute.

The conference was addressed by Federal Minister Syed Fakhar Imam, British Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn, MP Debbie Abrahams, Andrew Gwynne, Paul Bristow, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, Raja Nabazat Hussain and High Commissioner of Pakistan Moazzam Ahmad Khan.

Pakistani High Commissioner said in his address, that India was committing serious human rights violations in Kashmir and Indian forces have been kidnapping, torturing and martyring youths for decades.

While crack down on journalists and banning political activities, India was continuously violating Fourth Geneva Convention and was deliberately changes demographic structure of the region, High Commissioner added.

The speakers condemned violation of human rights of Kashmiris by Indian occupying forces and called on International community to play their full role in implementing UN resolutions.

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