Ice creams and sweets are not the only reason for diabetes

If diabetes remains untreated it can damage eyes, kidneys or heart.

In an interview with the VosaTv program health talk, health expert Gauri Junnarkar explained the risk factors of diabetes and myths related to it.

According to Junnarkar, genetics, poor diet, unsanitary lifestyle and stress are the main elements for diabetes.

Regarding the question about myths and misconceptions, Junnarkar said that eating sweets and ice creams can’t be the only reason for diabetes. Along with an unbalanced diet, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, genetics and stress are the main risk factors for diabetes.

In a query, concerning the symptoms of diabetes and the long-term complications of untreated diabetes, Junnarkar insisted on a yearly physical checkup that can identify diabetes in the initial stages.

If diabetes will remain untreated it has a long-term impact on internal organs. It can impact on eyes, nerves, kidneys, or heart. If it affects organs like the heart or kidney, mostly that can’t be treated or reversed back.

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