Video of Man riding with goat on motorbike gone viral.

Karachi, Pakistan,

A bizarre video viral on social media in which a man could be seen riding a motorbike with a goat sitting on the vehicle’s fuel tank. It looks like the goat was purchased for Eid-ul-Adha.

In the video, which was uploaded to Facebook user, a man wearing a peach-colored shalwar kameez could be seen riding a bike on a rather busy road. A white goat could be seen sitting with him on the fuel tank of the bike, leaning against the rider.


Although it’s not clear in which city the video has been shot, the uploader captioned it with words like “only in Pakistan” and “tabdeeli.”

Social media users showed mixed reactions when they saw the video. While most found it funny and amusing, others said that it was “dangerous” for the animal.

“Because of people like these, pillion riding gets banned in Pakistan,” one user jokingly wrote.

“The goat seems to be enjoying the ride,” chimed in another user.

One user also wrote the ride could be potentially dangerous for the animal as it could fall off the motorbike.

“Omg, it can hurt the poor animal if it falls off! Very dangerous.”

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