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Zahid Qureshi lauds APPAC efforts for his nomination as a first Pakistani American Federal Judge.

Council General organizes reception in honor of first Pakistani-American Federal Judge.

New York City,

Zahid Qureshi, lauds APPAC efforts for his nomination as a first Pakistani American Federal Judge he was addressing a reception giving in his honor by Consul General New York, Ayesha Ali.

Judge, Zahid Qureshi said that American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee recognize his talent and spearheaded his nomination by the Biden administration. He expressed the hope that one day other Pakistani will be Federal Judge, Appeal court Judge and may be one day Judge of a Supreme Court.

He also urges Pakistani youth to be a part of the Bureaucratic and Government services because that’s the only way to have influence in this country. He also expressed hope that APPAC will continue their efforts to promote Pakistani talent in Government, Private sector and the Socio Political system of this country.

Pakistani Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali organizes a reception in honor of the first Pakistani-American Federal Judge Zahid Qureshi at the Consulate, which began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Pakistani and American national anthems were played.

The event was attended by political, social, important business personalities of the Pakistani community, officials of various organizations and diplomatic staff.

Consul General Ayesha Ali welcomed Federal Judge Zahid Qureshi. She said that the appointment of Zahid Qureshi as Federal Judge has raised the pride of the entire nation.

This was the first event of its kind since Zahid Qureshi’s appointment as a federal judge, in which he addressed the community directly and attended with his mother, CG added.

Zahid Qureshi has also been a judge in the Superior Court of New Jersey. At the end of the ceremony, the Consulate General presented him a shield. There is also a photo session of the participant’s with Federal Judge Zahid Qureshi and his mother.

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