Whatsapp new updates allow users to send high resolution photos.

Whatsapp high resolution feature is available for beta users only.

Silicon Valley/Web Desk:

Despite being high-resolution cameras, WhatsApp users were not able to send their pictures in original quality. Consumers always complain about compressing video or image quality.

According to the WA Beta Info website, Whatsapp is working to resolve the concern and in near future, users will be able to send pictures in high resolution or according to their preference.

The website claims that the new version of WhatsApp will provide three options to choose for sending pictures:

AUTO will be the first option, opting this; the user will be able to send images in medium resolution and was also recommended by Whatsapp.

The second option is BEST QUALITY, in which users will be able to send images in their original resolution.

And the third option is DATA SAVER, which automatically reduces the resolution and saves data.

Whatsapp’s high-resolution feature is available for beta users only, although Whatsapp is still working on it, and in a little while all Whatsapp users will benefit from it.

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