Coffee reduces the risk of transmitting coronavirus, Study reveals.

Consuming a cup of coffee every day decreases 10 percent chance of getting infection.

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Coronavirus is scattering in the world and people take different measures to prevent themselves and their families from covid-19. Folks track different tips and tricks to avoid the risk, either medical or spiritual. At present, bestowing to the new study, coffee can help to avoid the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

According to the study published in the journal Nutrients, A study has revealed that drinking a cup of coffee per day may reduce the chances of contracting coronavirus.

A study conducted by researchers from the Northwestern University has revealed that people who consume one or more cups of coffee per day have nearly 10 percent less chance of getting infected by the deadly coronavirus, in comparison to those who are not consuming coffee at all.

“Coffee consumption favorably correlates with inflammatory biomarkers, which are associated with Covid-19 severity and mortality,” study.

The result has been declared after analyzing records of 40,000 British adults in the UK. The scientists studied the link between diet factors such as daily consumption of coffee, oily fish, processed meat, green vegetables, fresh fruit, red meat, etc, and Covid.

It was also observed that consuming less processed meat and more vegetables could also cut down the chance of getting infected by COVID-19. Scientists revealed that consumption of at least 0.67 servings of vegetables except potatoes could help in reducing the risk of infection.

The study was published in the journal Nutrients.

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