Demonstrations against Zeeshan Chaudhry murder over $5.

Protestors decides to demonstrates outside court on hearing day, July 30.

Vernon Town, Connecticut,

Resident of Vernon Town in Tolland County, Connecticut, a 30-year-old young Zeeshan Chaudhry, owned a Motel Six. Black American Aloon Waa was staying at Chaudhry’s Motel.

There is a confrontation between motel owner and Aloon on the pool bill, during an argument between victim and accused over payment of $5, Alon Waa, in anger, fired multiple shots at Zeeshan Chaudhry. Police took immediate action and arrested the accused.

Residents of Vernon Town, protest against the murder of young Zeeshan and demanding justice. The Court decides the trial on July 30 and protesters have also decided to protest outside the court on the hearing day. Protesters demand authorities to sentence maximum Alon Waa to 60 years in prison under Connecticut law.

30 Year old young slain Zeeshan Chaudhry’s engaged and his marriage expected in November this year.

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