A Unique bull with “six legs” in Karachi.

Karachi, Pakistan,

A Unique and exceptional bull with “six legs” has become the center of attraction at Karachi’s FC Area.

Weighing about 16 mounds’, the bull is unique because he has six legs and an extra tail, Bulls owner Javed said while talking to VOSA Tv that people have been offering Rs750, 000 for this sacrificial animal but he wants to sell it for Rs 1 million.

We love him a lot because he’s unique. Two and half years ago we buy this unique calf from Bhawalpur, at first we were confused but timely we like him. His nutrition is very special he drinks milk twice a day, once in the morning and 2nd in evening. Besides this he loves to eat sweets and desi ghee, Javed added.

Javed also said that money earned from this unique bull will be use for charity purpose. We usually sell 3 thousand to four thousand sacrificial animal every year. This 6 leg bull is one of its kind and the best among all.

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