Resumption of economic activity led to a shortage in hospitality industry.

Muqeem Ahmed, London,

The simultaneous resumption of economic activity following the easing of the lockdown has led to a shortage of food in the hospitality industry in many countries.

Many of the dishes on the menu at major food chains have been temporarily suspended.

Consumers order their favorite dishes from the mobile app, they are notified that their desired item is not available. Pizza packaging, paper envelopes, chicken wings, tomato ketchup and spicy mustard are in short supply.

The supply of lettuce used in salads has come under shortage in United States and many other countries, while French fries have become rare in South Korea.

Food companies have facing difficulties to meet the required orders and shipping companies have failed to deliver.

According to James Bullet, a global economist, the gap between supply and demand could continue until next year. In many countries, restaurants and food services are facing staff shortages and finding new employees becomes difficult.

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