Euro 2020 blamed for the rising number of corona in Europe, WHO.

Muqeem Ahmed, London,

The World Health Organization (WHO) has blamed Euro twenty 20 for the rising number of coronavirus cases in Europe. The COVID-19 infected peoples in Europe increased by 10% last week.

According to WHO, this increase is due to the easing of spectators from other cities and countries and social restrictions in the tournament’s host cities.

WHO’s Senior Emergency Officer Catherine Snowden has instructed the crowd to avoid the gatherings and avoid to attend the celebrations.

According to WHO, ten weeks before the start of the tournament, the new corona virus was on the decline and now the Indian Delta virus is spreading rapidly across the continent.

UEFA, the governing body of football in Europe, has said that the rules and regulations imposed by the local administration are being observed in all matches.

Germany’s interior minister has called UEFA’s decision to gather large numbers of spectators is “irresponsible”.

Italy urges spectators to be cautious for quarterfinals in Rome

Experts warn that failure to vaccinate citizens could lead to a third wave of corona virus in Europe during the fall season.

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