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We were not robbed by thieves but by guards, Mustafa Kamal.

Jackson Heights, NYC,

Pakistan Sar Zameen Party (PSP) North America, New York chapter President Muhammad Tahir alias Mama organize an Interactive session with chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal at a local restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York City.

PSP chief Mustafa Kamal address and said that overseas Pakistani are the asset of Pakistan and nation. Kamal slammed MQM and said that we were not robbed by thieves but by guards.

Ideology of PSP is gaining popularity in Pakistan and in other countries where ever Pakistanis resides. Time has proved that only PSP has solutions to the problems of the nation. The target killing in Karachi was barred due to the determined efforts of the PSP, Kamal added.

Unfortunately due to corruption in 2018 elections, PSP loses the elections but now we are reaching on peak with every passing day. We also run campaigns to maximize awareness among the citizens of Pakistan and serve the nation. Through this we were trying to eliminate the problems of common man and for this we work hard 17 to 18 hours daily, Kamal concluded.


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