Rising minerals demand gives new life to UK mining industry.

Muqeem Ahmad, London,

The centuries-old mining industry in Britain has found a new life. The industry, which has been supplying tin and paint pigments to the UK and the world since 1592, shut down in 1998 due to the low price of tin in the global market and the rising cost of acquisition.

Today, the price of a tin has reached to thirty thousand per ton, and new technology has made it easier to obtain.

There is currently no tin industry in the UK or North America, due to this owner of a company called Cornish Metal has announced the resumption of the mine and plant, which has been closed for 23 years.

Demand is growing globally for tin, copper and lithium used in the electronics and tech industries. Experts in the UK are working to re-open the closed mines of lithium and other minerals used in batteries so that domestic and foreign needs can be met and earned foreign exchange.

Senior geologist Lucy Crane described the project as a new technology being used with unique measures to protect the environment from the effects of mining.


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