$5m contributed in a single day by Virginia State Muslim Community.

Fazal Khaliq, DC,

Islam is the third largest religion in America. The total numbers of Muslims were more than 40 million. There are two thousand 2 hundred mosques in US. The population of Muslim community increases day by day for this reason International Peace Mission plans to purchase a historical Church in Virginia State. The cost of this historical church is $ one billion.

Muslim community contributed $three million for the mosque, other contributions and fund raising dinner program also organized in which community widely contributes. In a single day, community has raised another $2 million for the mosque from numerous fundraising programs. $Five million have been collected which is more than seven and a half crore rupees in Pakistani currency.

Dr Zafar Iqbal Noori, head of the International Peace Mission, said that the spirit of the Muslims was commendable and we hoped that the remaining $5million would be raised soon.

Sheikh Siddique and other Muslim leaders in the Virginia state said that Millions of Muslims in the US celebrates their religious holidays with great fervor. Mosques seem to be full of worshipers on these occasions. There is no place for sit-ins in such a situation, keeping in view, there is a need in coming years is to establishment of new mosques and now it’s become necessity of the US Muslim community.

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