Conwell, G7 summit ends, failed to make any major decisions.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

The G7 summit in Conwell, UK, has come to an end. The three-day conference drew worldwide attention in the context of Covid-19.

The UK had tightened security to host the heads of the world’s most developed and richest countries, and 5,000 police were deployed at an estimated cost of 70 million pounds. Including other expenses, more than 90 million pound has been spent on the G7 conference. No major progress was made on the items on the conference agenda.

Despite requests from the United Nations, World Health Organization developing countries and human rights organizations, the G7 countries did not exempt the corona vaccine from intellectual property rights. Instead, it has announced a billion doses of vaccine for poor countries.

The only achievement of the three-day conference is the imposition of a 15% corporate tax on global business and technology companies, which still faces numerous hurdles. For three days, world leaders laughed, smiled, posed for photos, sent invitations and met, but failed to make any major decisions.

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