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Ceremonial services in memory of Canadian martyrs .

Connie Island, NYC,

New York-based Pakistani community held condolence ceremonial services on Connie Island in memory of martyrs of Canada truck tragedy, Participants lit candles for the martyrs of the tragedy and prayed for the highest ranks.

The condolence ceremonial began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, later, prayers of devotion (Naat recitation) were also offered to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

The Pakistani community and US officials offered their condolences to the Muslim community over the tragic tragedy in the Ontario, a Canadian province.

Participant expressed heartfelt sorrow, grief and lit candles in memory of the martyrs. U.S. officials and various New York City government nominees said that the tragedy in Ontario deserved unlimited condemnations. They assured the Muslim community that there is no place for hatred in New York.

On the occasion, other members of the community also expressed solidarity with the affected family, and said that Muslims were being targeted by Islamophobia and hateful content on social media and this is not acceptable in any case. We must all work together to end hate crimes.

The well-known Pakistan based Qari Sadaqat prayed for the highest ranks of the martyrs.

Participants were deeply saddened on the tragic incident and the loss of innocent lives of physiotherapist Salman, his mother, wife Madiha and daughter Yumna. The community prayed for the fastest recovery of the injured child Faiz.


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