Amazon builds laboratory in UK to test different corona variant.

Muqeem Ahmad, London,

Global retailer Amazon has begun testing its top employees in the UK to be infected with the Corona virus variant and providing data to the Health Department.

Amazon is also collects and provides data from severely Corona affected areas and delta variant initiated areas in India.

It set up laboratories in the UK and the US last year to test voluntarily its staff. Now it builds a laboratory in the UK to test different variants of the Corona.

The UK is on the verge of reviving its economy which has been stalled for months after regular supply of vaccines.

On the other end, reports of the presence and spread of the Delta variant, found in India. Especially in those areas where Amazon laboratories are working and it surprised everyone.

Amazon could provide Corona virus testing facilities to British citizens in the near future. Amazon corona testing facility is also available to 30,000 front-line employees of the UK, mostly works in warehouses and the transport sector.

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