Glimmer of life and choices to shine over rubble in Gaza.

Gaza, Palestine,

A family in Gaza Strip celebrates the birthday of their young boy over the rubble of one of the many buildings demolished by Israel aerial bombing.

A lot of children in Gaza have lost one or more of their loved ones and the recent terrorism by Israel in the Gaza strip has indeed left some of the deepest traumas on children living there.

Palestinians amidst such dark times, still ensure they gather whatever glimmer that teem of life and choices they have to shine on their children.

This might not help them live a normal childhood but does help to retain their tenderness.

The picture of birthday celebration is gone viral on social media which depicts sentiment as it shows how a group of children have come together to celebrate the birthday of their friend, The birthday boy is smiling in the picture while surrounded by his friends and father who are serenading to him the birthday song.

In the background, the picture also shows concrete rubble from the building that was demolished by the Israeli missile attacks.

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