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Saudi collecting Chinese vaccine procedures data.

After satisfaction of vaccine effects, decision will be made.

Jeddah, KSA,

Pakistan’s ambassadors to Saudi Arabia, Bilal Akbar, met with community members and journalists at Pakistan consulate in Jeddah.

According to ambassador, Saudi official were collecting data on Chinese vaccine procedures. Saudi officials have also traveled to China for this purpose.

A decision will be made regarding travelling after satisfaction with the effects of the Chinese vaccine.

According to Bilal Akber, “Saudi officials also said that vaccine companies in Europe have already given access to the vaccine procedure and we are satisfied”. China has provided this facility and is working on it.

“There will be some progress in the next few days or weeks”, Ambassador, Bilal Akbar added.

Work needs to be done for a true picture of the Covid-19 situation in Pakistan. While the situation in Pakistan is rapidly returning to normal comparatively the situation in other countries is worsening, ambassador added.

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