Ceremony organized in honor of Governor Punjab at D.C. Embassy .

Fazal Khaliq, D.C.,

A grand ceremony was organized at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC in honor of Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar. Ceremony was attended by a large number of people from various fields including political and business personalities.

The Governor Punjab said that American citizens of Pakistani origin should participate more in politics. I myself have been a part of the House of Representatives of England; the problems of the community cannot be solved until we reach the Government Houses.

The event was hosted by Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Asad Majeed Khan who welcomed the participants.

According to Asad Majed Khan, the Governor of Punjab is a significant role model for abroad Pakistanis, who migrated and worked tirelessly for rights.

The next day, Governor of Punjab went to meet his close associates Munir Irfan Yaqub and Ahmad Rana, at his residence where he reiterated the issue of Palestine in detail and conveyed his grief.

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