India’s Unique wedding, plane booked to avoid covid-19 restrictions.

Everyone on board had negative test reports.


On the occasion of happy marriage, everyone wants to celebrate the occasion with friends and relatives. However, due to the significance of the situation in India, curfew has been imposed in many parts and the number of guests at the event is being kept very limited.

The couple from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, took such an surprising step that many people could not believe it. Due to curfew in Tamil Nadu, groom Rakesh’s father rented a plane from Madurai to Bangalore for two hours and married his son to his 161 relatives and completed the ceremony.

The plane took off from Madurai, their wedding ceremony began, and by the time it landed, the two were married. Everyone on board had negative test reports of Covid-19 with them.

The video of this unique wedding was shared by the user on the micro and blogging website Twitter which went viral as soon as it was seen.


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