Bidens cabinet serious efforts for Pak-Afghan region.

Plans to create industrial zones to boost economy and reduce unemployment.

Fazal Khaliq, Washington D.C.,

A virtual meeting of American and Pakistani journalists was arranged with Senator Chris Van Hollen to explain the Pak-Afghan peace, trade and economic development bill. The event was hosted by US Democratic leader Tahir Javed.

The new government took the office in US and serious efforts are being made for peace, progress and economic development in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

New cabinet plans are occurring to create industrial zones in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which will boost economic growth and reduce unemployment in both the countries.

Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen has introduced a bill in the US Senate on the same road map.The key points are that finished goods in these industrial zones will be exported to the US, which will be duty free.

According to economists, the development of Pakistan and Afghanistan is interdependent. If the two countries work together to promote industry and trade, the country’s problems and unemployment can be reduced.

The virtual conference was attended by Shahid Ahmad Khan from Boston along with prominent Pakistani journalists Sohail Warraich, Muhammad Malik, Kamran Shahid, Adil Abbasi, Shazia Zeeshan, Rehman Azhar, Farrukh Potafi and Shehzad Iqbal.

Journalists also questioned the policies of the new US administration

Democrat leader Tahir Javed says US currently exports 5 billion to 6 billion from Pakistan. If the house pass this bill then this export foretasted be increase 10 percent and this 6 billion export arise to 50 to 60 billion dollars and with this, Pakistan will make rapid progress.

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