Players trials begins for APL teams.

Limited people allowed to enter the stadium, Jay Mir.

New Jersey,

The American Premier League has now started trials of players after announcing the schedule of matches. Successful players will be part of the teams.

2,000 players have registered for the cricket trials. Players who come for trials are being exercise for good fitness.The players were also given useful tips on how to perform well in matches.

Players from different countries try to be selected for league matches. The owner of the American Premier League, Jay Mir, Speaking to the players who came for the trials, said that if someone is left out of being selected, do not be disappointed, and keep hard working.

Speaking to VOSA on the occasion, American Premier League owner Jay Mir said that online sales of tickets for the league have started. Cricket lovers  get tickets early as limited people will be allowed to enter the stadium.

The players came for trial in APL were given colorful T-shirts by the league management. APL hopes that their league will make a new history of cricket in America.


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