Fundraising mushaira for sarwar foundation at Texas.

Governor Punjab also met with Congresswoman Eddie Burns Johnson.

Dallas Texas,

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and his wife are on a visit to the US to raise funds for the Sarwar Foundation.  A large number of dignitaries attended from Houston, including Dallas Fort. Local poets won the hearts of the audience by reading their poetry’s.

Governor Punjab begins his speech with reference to various war events from history and said that West must recognize that wherever oppression took place in the world, only Muslims are victim to this oppression. Whether it is in Palestine or in Kashmir or Iraq or Afghanistan, Muslims are the victims and today, the world is silent.

Muslims in the developed world, including in United States, must speak out against these atrocities.Nothing was gained from the Iraq war, the US had spent trillions of dollars on Afghanistan but nothing was achieved, the matter was finally settled at the table, war never solves problems. The Holocaust is an example of this, He added.

The Governor’s wife, is also the head of Sarwar Foundation, praised all the poets in her speech. She informed the audience about the various welfare projects in education and health, including the clean water projects being run in Pakistan under the Sarwar Foundation. Participants also donated to the Sarwar Foundation on the occasion.

On the occasion, Abid Malik, President, PSNT-Pakistan Society of North Texas, thanked the participants for their visit and said

that community activities in the US were halted due to the corona virus, and now conditions are improving and Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has come to Dallas to bring the Pakistani community together and resume community activities.

Abdul Hafeez Khan, President, PABF-Pak-American Business Forum,

highlighted the political consciousness of the Pakistani community in Dallas-Fort Worth, including their business activities and their role in the American political and governmental system.

On the occasion, Ghazala Habib, the chairperson of Friends of Kashmir and the founder of Adab Basti,

presented her beautiful poem written on Kashmir to the audience while she thanked the Governor of Punjab and his wife for coming to Dallas.

Earlier, on the arrival of Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in the US, President of PSNT-Pakistan Society of North Texas Abid Malik and President of PABF-Pak-American Business Forum Abdul Hafeez Khan along with Consul General of Pakistan Houston Abrar Hashmi received him at DFW Airport in Dallas.

Later, Governor Punjab met Congresswoman Eddie Burns Johnson at Abid Malik’s residence,

and briefed her on Pakistan’s position on Palestine and Kashmir. And recommended that she inform the US House regarding the position of Muslims

Eddie Burns said she has always wanted strong Pak-US relations, and that the Palestinian issue needs an immediate solution. US President Joe Biden is keeping a close eye on Gaza situation and wants a peaceful solution.

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