The APL is announced and will be played at New Jersey Stadium in September.

3 teams has been sold and there will be about 2,000 trials for the players selection, J. Mir

New Jersey,

Great news for cricket fans in US. American Premier League announced and begins in September in New Jersey stadium.

American Premier League owner Jay Mir Speaking at an introductory ceremony at a local banquet in the Edison area of ​​New York, said that for the first time in the history of the US, a cricket league one of its kind is being held, hopefully there will be a great response and new talent will emerge.

The APL will feature seven teams of immigrants from different countries. In this regard, J. Mir told the participants that the franchise of 3 teams has been sold and there will be about 2,000 trials of the players selection.

Participants invited to the APL expressed great interest. According to APL owner Jay Mir said New Jersey has a large South Asian community colony, that’s why the league decided to hold the matches at the New Jersey Stadium. Hopefully the fans will get to see good cricket in APL season 2021.

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