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People of all faiths strongly condemned hate-chalking outside Tayyaba mosque.

Brooklyn, New York City,

Members of the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Sikh communities arrived to express solidarity with the Tayyaba Mosque administration and the Muslim community, holding a joint press conference outside the Tayyaba Islamic Center in Brooklyn, condemning in the strongest terms the hateful wall-chalking.

Non-Muslims say threatening wall-chalking is a terrorist act that has certainly created a sense of insecurity in the Muslim community. An attack on anyone’s place of worship is intolerable. The press conference was also attended by New York Police Officer, Tayyaba Mosque President Chaudhry Ilyas, Imtiaz Ahmed and the mosque’s presiding imam. The participants conveyed the message to the offenders that we are all united and share joys and sorrows together. There is no place for haters here; the offenders can never divide us.

The Press conference participants reiterated their commitment to continue promoting religious tolerance and brotherhood. Participants also called on the New York City administration to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

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