Human rights groups staged protest in Berlin against Israel.

Matiullah, Berlin,

Like the rest of the world, human rights groups, organizations, Jews, Arabs, Turks and people from other European countries staged protests and rallies on the busiest district of Berlin, a German capital against the Israeli bombing at Gaza and other Palestinian territories.

On the occasion, the speakers said that we are protesting against Israel for violating human rights. We call on the German government to immediately terminate arms deals with Israel and impose arms embargo.

Germany is a democratic country and believes on human rights values, Israel is the occupied oppressor against the oppressed Palestinians.

Jews also took part in the demonstration, carrying placards with the slogan “Free Palestine” in support of Palestinians. Demonstrators also chanting slogans against Israeli oppression and said that Israel should stop ethnic cleansing.

Police arrested several people on violation of Corona S.O.P.s during demonstration, while the Protesters tried to free the detainees from police.

Police also fire gas canisters for disperse the demonstrators. The police ordered to end the demonstration before the designated time. The demonstration management announced to end the rally ahead of schedule on the instructions of the police.

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