Jewish woman against Israeli atrocities and in support of Palestine.

Nassau County, New York

The Jewish woman is also against Israeli atrocities and comes out in support of the Palestinians, the Muslim community of Nassau County in New York city brought together people of all faiths. Unique dress and head covered. These women are Jews but their heart beats for humanity beyond race and religion. That is why she not only attended the prayer service but also presented a poem for the Palestinians

Hundreds of people of all faiths attended the prayer gathering.

She also waved Palestinian flags in solidarity with the Palestinians and sent a message to the world that oppression of any nation in any country is unacceptable.

Participants say Israeli government and army have resorted to extreme violence to oust Palestinians.

The participants said that the international community and human rights organizations should not be limited to condemning this serious situation and lowered the voices, but should protect the rights of Palestinians in practice and save them from Israeli atrocities.

The Muslim community offered prayers in congregation during the prayer ceremony.

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