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Shahbaz Gill Immoral behavior with Sr. Journalist in NYC.

New York,

Shahbaz Gill, speaks for the rights of the poor people of Pakistan but during his visit in NYC, Dollars are being showered on arrival of Shahbaz Gill at a ceremony held at the residence of a New York political figure.

Shahbaz Gill known for punctuality but in New York he specially took care of the punctuality. The time of the ceremony was three o’clock and he arrived three hours late at six o’clock.

He started his speech and continued to sang the government’s anthems and was constantly criticized the Pakistani media.

During Shahbaz Gill Speech, senior journalist Azeem M Mian asked question, why you go to the talk shows of the media which you have criticized? why you have become so discriminated by becoming a spokesperson in the PTI government?

Shahbaz Gill could not bear the stinging question. He forgot civilization and answer the question with rudeness. At the time of the incident PTI members sits with Shahbaz Gill and would instead elucidate to Shahbaz Gill, contrary, they kept on applauding after hearing his answer.

Hamid Mir, a senior Pakistani journalist and analyst, also shared a video of the incident in his tweet


Journalists took serious note of Shahbaz Gill’s rudeness and boycotted the event.

Later, in an interview with Voice of South Asia, he said that the spokespersons of Prime Minister Imran Khan are bringing him into dishonor; PTI has become a fascist party.

Shahbaz Gill’s insult to senior journalist Azeem Mian was also condemned by community figures, and on Shahbaz Gill’s behavior, journalists say that the PTI government should take serious note of the matter and take immediate action against him.

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