No matter how much money is donated to Israel, Palestinians are not going anywhere, Muslim US Congress members.

Washington D.C.,

Muslim American Women Congressmen Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar have reacted to the ongoing Isaeli aggression and barbarism in Palestine

Speaking in the Congress, Rashida Talib said, “Let me remind my friends that Palestine also exists, they are also human beings and they are also allowed to dream.”

“We are mothers, daughters, granddaughters, we seek justice, we do not apologize while fighting against all forms of oppression,” Rashida Talib said.

No matter how much money you send to Israel’s ethnic government, the Palestinians are not going anywhere. “We must make aid to Israel conditional on the observance of international human rights law,” she added.

Unconditional support for Israel is taking the lives of Palestinians; our unconditional support denies the rights of millions of refugees.

“Every death in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a tragedy, every rocket and every bomb targeting civilians is a war crime,”Ilhan Omar said in a statement. “I feel the pain of every child who hides in bed in fear,” he added. I wish we as a nation could deal with this pain equally, but at the moment we are not doing that.

“I am sorry to say that instead of condemning serious crimes against humanity and human rights abuses, many of our members of Congress are supporting Israeli airstrikes in the name of self-defense,” Ilhan Omar said.

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