After Fourteen months of restrictions German government provide relief to its citizens.

Mehwish, Berlin,

The German government has finally passed new rules to provide relief to its citizens after Fourteen months, which were implemented.

New rules have been put in place for all people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus and for those who have tested positive for COVID-19. No restrictions for them to interact with each other, free to shop without a test, and they are Free from quarantine restrictions. If traveling from abroad then this is not for travelers. Last week, the German government passed laws that go into effect today.

The law was passed after research in which scientists say people who have been vaccinated have a much lower risk of contracting the disease than others.

The law makes it clear that all people who fall into this category can meet anywhere and the night curfew will not apply to them but all these people will be bound to implement SOPs who have been vaccinated. They must have a vaccination card with them at all times.

Those who have had a COVID-19 positive will have to keep their corona positive report with them. This relaxation is only acceptable for the next six months from the day they are positive.

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