Pakistani bodybuilder Abdul Waheed proves age is just a number

Batapur BRB, Lahore,

A 60-year-old bodybuilder Abdul Waheed is setting an example for the young people with his impressive physique and fitness.

Just before Ramazan, Ustad Abdul Waheed won the Mr Pakistan title. A few months earlier, he had won the Mr Punjab title as well. He has won a slew of other medals, mostly gold and a few silvers, along with titles such as Mr Lahore. He has his eye on the Mr Asia title now. “I believe the competition is circled in for winter, in Bangalore, India, if my information is correct,” he says. “I want to make a name for my country,” he adds.

Growing up in Batapur along the Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian (BRB) Canal, where he still resides, the young Abdul Waheed was drawn to bodybuilding as a hobby at first. “I started building up my body at 16,” he says. “But at the time, I had no interest in taking part in competitions. I only liked to go to the gym and lift weights. The competitions came later, when my students got after me to enter myself. That was 20 years ago,” he smiles.

His diet includes eggs, fish, oatmeal, chicken, minced meat, fresh and dried fruits and juices. Waheed wants to see the young people active. He has opened a club to train them as well.

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