Demonstrations across Germany and Huriyat leader funeral prayers offered in absentia

Mattiullah, Berlin

Hurriyat leaders express solidarity with Kashmiris despite severe lockdown across Germany. Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Chairman Muhammad Ashraf Suhrai’s funeral prayers were also offered in absentia in mosques across Germany.

During Friday sermon, Kashmiris in Germany also strongly condemned the ongoing Indian forces atrocities in occupied Kashmir and the martyrdom of Hurriyat leader Muhammad Ashraf Suhrai.

Few demonstrators in small groups protested and prayed due to COVID-19 SOPs, Imam of mosques said that unannounced curfew has been imposed in the entire valley for the last one and half years violating human rights in occupied Kashmir.

Hurriyat Leader Ashraf Suhrai Arrested Under draconian Law By Indian Forces and all the Kashmiris Strongly Condemns Martyrdom of Ashraf Suhrai. Protesters urge UN and international human rights organizations to allow Kashmiris to carry millions of bodies of their youth without a war.

India continues to commit atrocities in Kashmir. Ashraf Suhrai was arrested in July last year under a draconian black law imposed by the Indian government in Kashmir.

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