UK Royals, William and Kate surfaced with digital media Channel.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate have come up with their very own YouTube Channel.

The couple’s new video features Kate who makes a call to Mila, four-year-old undergoing leukaemia.


A stream of calls took place previously through which the Royal Highness talked to a few individuals who shared their opinions stating how they are dealing with the lockdown.

These calls were to be released on William and Kate’s YouTube channel among which one has been featured in the couple’s new video.

It is a startling fact that William and Kate are the only ones from the Royal family to be associated with having their YouTube channel independently.

According to sources, the Duchess of Cambridge is highly intent on enhancing its efforts related to digital media and has succeeded in acquiring millions of followers from around the world.

Prince William is highly keen on giving social media much-required attention however he is skeptical of the kind of impact it will have on mental health.

“The move to social media has been on the cards for a long time, it was always going to be the future for the royals as well, but the pandemic has accelerated things,” from a relevant source.

“It has been a blessing in many ways for the royals in general because it means they are more in control of their public image than ever before.”

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