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Brooklyn emerge prepared Fresh barbecue, delicious biryani and Iftar at Foster Avenue.

Non-Muslims along with Muslims are benefiting.

Foster Avenue, NYC,

The Brooklyn Emerge, an organization of Pakistani-American Muslims in New York have set a unique example of sacrifice, empathy and unity during Ramadan.

Fresh barbecue, delicious biryani and iftar made from halal items, these packets are being decorated daily on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn from the 1st of Ramadan.

Brooklyn Emerge and volunteers are at the forefront of helping the needy even in difficult times, and are doing a good job to break the fast.

Every day before two hours from Iftar, fresh food is prepared at Foster Avenue and the citizens lined up in queues. The best and most touching is that not only Muslims but non-Muslims also getting all the ready items for Iftar from this unique food distribution.

New York-based Muslims has said Islam is a religion of Peace and humanity that always taught sacrifice, peace and brotherhood. To convey this message, we have been arranging it in the same way every day since the first of Ramadan, and this will continue until the last fast.

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