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Iftar boxes and toys distribution to Dozens of citizens and children in Eid celebration.

City Council Candidate Japneet Singh's Appeal to Muslim Community for Support in Elections.

Queens, New York City,

Sikh candidate for City Council from District 28 in New York, Japneet Singh, has appealed to the Muslim community for support in the elections. He was addressing the Food Pantry of the Waldain Foundation on Hillside Avenue in Queens.

According to Japneet Singh, that he is the only Sikh candidate for this seat. “I appeal to the Muslim community to make me successful in the elections with their votes”.

Hina Rehman, the president of Waldain Foundation, distributes Eid gifts to children along with Iftar box.

On this occasion, a woman from the Sikh community also appealed to participants to vote Japneet Singh.

The Muslim community assured Japneet Singh that they would definitely vote for him in the elections. Japneet Singh thanked the Muslim community for their reassurance.

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