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Thirty Muslim Community Leaders Fully Support NYC Mayoral Candidate Scott Stringer.

Manhattan, NYC,

Three different Muslim organizations, APPAC, APAG and EMGAGE including thirty Muslim community leaders, have announced their support for New York’s Comptroller Scott Stringer as mayoral candidate.

New York’s mayoral election is about five weeks away. Candidates are visiting their constituencies and meeting to voters, while different communities decided to support and cast their votes on the basis of candidate performance. Various Muslim organizations and more than 30 Muslim community leaders gathered in the Manhattan area and announced in a joint press conference to full support current Comptroller and Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer.

Ali Rasheed, President of APAG said that Scott Stringer has always stood by Muslims and that is the reason to support him.

Scott Stringer is the best candidate he worked with Pakistani and delivered to Muslim community that is why APAG supporting Scott Stringer and we put all the resources whatever to be done our whole team will be backing him and will make sure that on June 22nd which is democratic primary NYC will be victorious, said Ali Rasheed.

Speaking to Voice of Asia on the occasion, Pervez Siddiqui, Chairman of APNA community center and Burhan, a teacher of Peace Academy, said that

we are one or few of the many Muslim community that are here to support him, we spoke specific about halal food for public school and implements of halal certifications groups for halal food providers, so support Muslim community and support Scott Stringer to be the next NYC mayoral”.

While Chairman of APNA community center Pervez Siddiqui said

the Muslim community had put ten demands on the mayoral candidates. Scott Stringer is the candidate who has accepted all our demands”.


When journalist asked to Scott Stringer about the ten demands of Muslim community, Stringer briefed that

all the demands of the Muslim community are legitimate, and I will fulfill all the promises I have made to them. Making sure that the community have seen on the table next mayor making sure that we allow halal food for the children’s, so many suggestions at ten point plan that mayor must affect .


Various community figures also expressed their views at press conference, while mayoral candidate, Scott Stringer, thanked to all participants for supporting.

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