Dispute over maritime borders and fishing rights between UK and France.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

The United Kingdom has been embroiled in a series of disputes since its secession from the EU-European Union. There is hi tussle between the UK and France over the use of maritime and maritime borders.

Disputes between Britain and French fisherman’s over the use of maritime boundaries and fishing rights have resurfaced. Fishermen in southern France have gathered to protest at Europe’s largest seafood center, set fire to tires and block trucks from Britain.

Demonstrators said Britain prevents us from fishing in its territorial waters so British trucks should not be allowed to enter. Protesters also held a banner that read, “If you want to keep your territorial waters, keep your fish.”

Under the trade agreement after secession from the EU, the UK allows only licensed fishermen to fishing within its borders. French fishermen say it is taking months to issue licenses and if we are not allowed to fish, therefore France’s fish stocks will be reduced.

The UK has said this protest is baseless and it will raise the issue with the French government while France says the European Commission should ensure that Britain abides by the agreement. It is to be notable that two thirds of British fish is imported to the European Union.

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