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The principle of equality adopted among all employees Saudi HRC.

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh,

The Saudi Human Rights Commission has said that the rights and incentives of employees in Saudi Arabia are decided on the basis of merit, ability and excellent performance.

In addition, appropriate training opportunities are provided to employees for capacity building. The Human Rights Commission stressed the need to provide opportunities for expression, dialogue and discussion in the field of employment.

It is also important that if something bad happens to someone, they should be given the right to redress or given the opportunity to complain about a wrong decision against them.

Justice should be done to all employees without any discrimination. Opportunities provided to make suggestions on how to improve facilities.

The Human Rights Commission says that employees should be rewarded for their outstanding performance and individuality. No employer is allowed to take advantage of his private data without the permission of the employer.

The Human Rights Commission has said that the principle of equality should be adopted among all employees irrespective of race, color or religion and a transparent procedure should be adopted in this regard.

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