Amdani family plans to distributes 15 million masks.

Family donated 1 million mask to miami-dade college.


The Amdani family owns a textile company in South Florida. They wanted to give back to their community and that’s why they donated 1 million masks to Miami-Dade College.

The school’s president received one of the masks as she met with the good Samaritans. The Amdani family made the donation during the month of Ramadan.

Ashraf Amdani said: “We are Muslim and this is our month of spending, so we always have food pantries or other projects we run. This time, during the pandemic, we thought this could be one of the best gifts we could give.”

Amdani plans to give out a total of 15 million masks across the country. Another 1 million masks are going to Broward College, according to Amdani.

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