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17 women, including Erum Hanif, awarded certificates of appreciation in NYC.  

New York City,

The New York Assembly, Women’s Mathylde Frontus nominated 17 other women, including Erum Hanif, chief executive of its Brooklyn Community Center, for the award last month in recognition of the community’s indiscriminate service to race and color and now this month all the nominated women invited to an online event and announced certificates of appreciation for them.

Erum Hanif received her award from the office of the Assembly Women Mathylde Frontus on Connie Island Avenue. She later thanked his family, friends and community in a post on social media, saying it was an honor to receive the award.

Erum Hanif also congratulated other women who received certificates of appreciation. Erum Hanif has extensive experience in human resource, law, business planning and management.

Before coming to the US, she was associated with various major organizations in Pakistan and joined Adult Day Care in 2016 and then set up a community center in 2017 with the support of APNA Chairman Pervez Siddiqui and Shazia Wattoo and now serving as CEO of APNA Brooklyn Community Center and Director of Strategy at Adult Day Care.

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