Bangladesh’s Top Secular Writer Zafar Iqbal Attacked

DHAKA: Top secular and science fiction writer Zafar Iqbal received severe injuries in an attack at a university in Bangladesh.

The incident took place when Iqbal was delivering a lecture at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.

He was rushed to a local hospital following the attack.

“He was hit on the back of his head and he was bleeding,” a police constable at the hospital told news agency AFP.

Zafar had been continuously receiving death threats from extremist groups.

The 65-year-old was stabbed from behind as he was about to take the stage to address a science festival that had been organized by the university, said university proctor Zahir Uddin.

Police managed to detain the suspect, but further information on his identity was not immediately known.

Students at the university began staging protests against the attack on Iqbal after news spread of the stabbing.


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