First time in history of Dallas, more than 20 candidates came together to seek votes from the Muslim community.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas,

Campaigning for Local Governments in Dallas-Fort Worth has reached its peak since the presidential election. For the first time in history, the Muslim community is now seen as very active in the political process at the local level. For the first time in the history of Dallas-Fort Worth, more than 20 candidates came together to seek votes from the Muslim community and shared their manifestos with the audience.

An Iftar dinner was organized at a local hotel here by the APPAC, American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee and the Muslim Democratic Caucus. It was attended by candidates from various city governments in Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as a large number of people from the Muslim community and the South Asian community.

On the occasion, APPAC Chairman Dr. Amir Qureshi and Vice President Nadeem Akhtar said that Muslim community has always played an effective role in the development of the US. All Muslim representative organizations in the US are raising political awareness in the community, for which all these organizations deserve tribute.

APPAC leader Imtiaz Rahi and Pakistani community leader Mubashir Warraich from Avilas City said the event provided an opportunity for both voters and candidates to have their say and to be heard. It is now up to the voters to choose the right candidate in their respective constituencies.

Sunbal Aurangzeb, president of the Muslim Democratic Caucus, and Diana Saleh, Arlington City Council candidate, appealed to the Pakistani and South Asian communities to come out of their homes with the enthusiasm with which they ran in the presidential election. Be sure to go to the polls for this local government, well Local governments are relevant to your daily life.

On the occasion, Abid Malik, President of the PSNT, Pakistan Society of North Texas, said that American Pakistanis are now in need of an American system. While our young generation is playing an effective role in other spheres of life, it has now joined the political race. Our future is bright in US; the need is mutual consent and understanding among citizens.

Muslim Democratic Caucus board member Fayyaz Ahmed and senior board member Aftab Siddiqui said the arrival of a large number of candidates underscores the popularity of Muslims and the importance of their votes.

Candidates usually stay away from Muslims but now we need them. The Muslim Democratic Caucus began the journey in 2003.

The event was attended by city council candidates from various cities in North Texas, as well as mayoral candidates, school board candidates and others who came here and appealed for votes.

Various candidates from Dallas-Fort Worth briefed the Pakistani community on their manifestos. These are all political people who have been supporting the Muslim community.

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