Rising house rents becomes major political issue in Germany.

Tenants protesting in Berlin against this rent increasing.

Matiullah, Berlin,

Rising house rents have become a major political issue in Germany, tenants protesting after a federal court overturned a law governing rent control in Berlin. Protesters calls for immediate action to protect homeowners, which has put increasing pressure on the central government.

In Berlin, the local government enacted a rent-free law last year. However, the federal court has now overturned the law and said that the central government has the right to legislate on rent. Thousands of people living in rented houses in the German capital Berlin protested after the court ruling. The protesters said that the landlords could increase the rent of the house at any time after the court decision

The rent can be increased in previous dates and may collect extra thousands of euros which could be overburden. The central government should take immediate steps to protect them from the illegitimate demands of homeowners. Tenants’ organization and left-wing opposition parties have called on the central government to immediately pass a law regarding regulating rents.

Lucas Sibiankotan, head of the tenants’ association DMB, says if the central government has the political will, it can legislate faster to control rising rents nationwide.

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