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Arab world light up with special decorative lanterns during Ramadhan.

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh,

Special decorations for Ramadan begin to appear on the streets with the start of Ramadan in Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia. During this time special traditional “lanterns” take place in homes and buildings.

According to Arab history, Egyptians are considered to be the first people to use the chandelier of Ramadan from the Fatimid period. There are various traditions regarding the history of this chandelier and the beginning of its use. The use of the Ramadan chandelier is associated with the entry of the Fatimid ruler Mu’izz al-Din in Cairo in 358 AH.

Egyptian men, women and children set out in a large procession to welcome Sultan al-Mu’izz, who reached the city during night. All of them were holding torches and colorful lanterns to light the way for the Sultan.On the occasion, lanterns remained lit on the streets till the end of Ramadan. Thus, it became a tradition in Egyptian society associated with the month of Ramadan. This custom later spread to the Arab world

According to another tradition, the use of these lanterns in Egypt is associated with the Fatimid period. Here people used to arrange large-scale renovations in preparation for Ramadan. On the occasion, shops and mosques were decorated with lanterns to keep the streets bright.

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