Malik Imtiaz Pakistani entrepreneur host Iftar dinner at his residence in New Jersey.

New Jersey,

Pakistani community entrepreneur Malik Imtiaz hosts Iftar dinner at his residence in New Jersey. Special prayers were offered at the Iftar dinner while Naat was also recited. At the beginning of Ramadan, the Muslim community has started organizing Iftar dinners. Malik Imtiaz, a businessman from the Pakistani community in New Jersey, hosted an Iftar dinner for friends at his residence. Maulana Taswar Ghalani offered special supplications on the occasion of Iftar dinner, and Shabbir Gul offered Naat

Shabbir Gul, Ijaz Shahid of Bronx Community Council including business and social personalities of Pakistani community invited at Iftar dinner. Nasir Awan of Allama Iqbal Community Center, Khalid Awan, President of Pakistan Peoples Party USA, Maawaz Siddiqui of ICNA Relief and other people participated.

Participants said that breaking the fast in Ramadan is a great reward and holding it increases the opportunity for the community to come together.

Later, the participants also offered Maghrib prayers in congregation. Finally, Malik Imtiaz thanked the guests for attending the Iftar dinner.

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