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PAYO completes 1 year of weekly food pantry in NYC at 4 different locations 

Inauguration of a fridge filled with free halal food for deserving people outside PAYO’s office

New York City,

If there is courage and strong will, nothing can be impossible. The same thing was done by Pakistani-American youth from the platform of Pakistani-American youth organization, PAYO.

Pakistani American Youth Organization, PAYO, successfully completes one year of weekly free food pantry at four different locations. PAYO team distributes rations to 52,000 deserving and affected families through out a year and this humanitarian work is still continued.

In the worst days of the Corona pandemic Outbreak and severe lockdown, PAYO food pantries opened in four different locations in New York.

There are sayings when there is a desire to do something good for others, the hardships themselves become easier and the paths are open. PAYO food pantry has become a hallmark of Pakistani-American Muslim youth in New York.

Completion of PAYO One year free rations distribution, now there has been an inauguration of a refrigerator outside PAYO office filled with free halal food for deserving people, along with a food pantry. According to the PAYO team, citizens can get the essentials what ever they want from this fridge.

New York City Government officials, US officials and Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali also attended the event. American officials and Ayesha Ali said that the way in which PAYO team has helped people of all religions, regardless of race and color is exemplary.

On the occasion, team leaders of PAYO also presented certificates of appreciation to their team members for their regular and full commitment to help the citizens during the Corona Outbreak. According to PAYO organizers, their organization is expanding its measures to reach more deserving families and help them.

The measures are aimed at helping those needy families who maintain their goodwill and did not ask help from any body.

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