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My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis, US based started charitable activities.

New York,

Karachi-based Pakistanis organization namely My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis, based in United States, has started its charitable activities in the city of Quaid at the beginning of Ramadan. Volunteers from the organization distributed rations door to door in different areas.

My Karachi Overseas Pakistanis raised funds to help those in need in Karachi with donations from the Pakistani American community every year and this year too, on the occasion of Ramadan, the youth of the organization distributed rations in different areas of the city.

Ration bags include flour, sugar, and different types of pulses, rice, ghee, syrup bottle, dates, basin, salt, various spices and soybeans.

Volunteers of the organization say that whether it is Corona or Ramadan, my Karachi Overseas Pakistanis are always trying to help those in need in difficult times. It is our duty to help each other in difficult times and this charity is ongoing.

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