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ICNA Relief weekly fresh food distribution in Manhattan area of NYC.

Manhattan, New York City,

ICNA Relief, a leading social services organization in the US, continues to  in New York. Hundreds of homeless and needy citizens benefit from relief camps every week.

One family member volunteers every week at a relief camp in Manhattan area. This week, the family of Dr. Yasir Mir and Dr. Sara Mir, the guests of ICNA Relief, volunteered and distributed food among the citizens.

Expressing their views, Yasir Mir and his family said that the joy of serving humanity is indescribable. While performing volunteer duties of Yasir Mir’s family they also gave a surprise by bringing a birthday cake for Anwar Gujjar, in-charge of ICNA Relief.

On the occasion, Anwar Gujjar thanked Yasir Mir’s family for commemorating his birthday and wished him all the best.

Citizens who benefited from the grocery expressed their special thanks to ICNA Relief and said that ICNA Relief is with them every step and every difficulty.

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