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Pakistani-American Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah appointed as special envoy by Nawab of Junagarh.

Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah is the founder of New York Chamber of Small Business Corporation and social activist.

New York,

Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah is a human rights activist and social activist in the United States and Pakistan. He has rendered invaluable services to Pakistan and Kashmir. His nomination by the ruler of Junagarh, Nawab Muhammad Jahangir Khan Ji and has been congratulated by a large number of social, industrial and human rights organizations in Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis.

Nawab Muhammad Jahangir Khan Ji

According to Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah, Junagarh is and was and will remain a part of Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis will play their best role in this regard and will definitely play their part in liberating Junagarh from Indian occupation. In this regard, the present Government of Pakistan is admirable that Junagarh has been included in the map of Pakistan.

He thanked Nawab Muhammad Jahangir Khan Ji, ruler of Junagarh and Prime Minister Diwan Sahibzada Ahmed Ali for the nomination.


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